What not to Share on Facebook Dating Site

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What not to Share on Facebook Dating Site – Dating sites have become the most accessible avenue to meet new people, interact with them and start friendships. It is easy to use these dating sites; for most people who are too busy to hang out with people in the physical space, it is straightforward to meet people on dating sites by interacting with them based on what interests you both.

About Facebook Dating Site

Facebook dating is a space where people can meet new people and interact with them based on common interests they share. In a clime where everyone is too busy to go out and interact, where going out has become hectic and strenuous, it is now easier to meet new people online, and if you find them interesting, take the friendship out of Facebook and begin a serious relationship.

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Amidst all the frenzies and excitements that come with meeting new people, it is also essential for one to know what not to share on Facebook dating sites as scammers hide under the guise of being interested in starting a relationship with one to perform hideous crimes such as cyberbullying, scams and so forth. It is essential to know what not to share on Facebook dating sites.

What Not to Share on Facebook Dating Site

Many scammers disguise themselves, using fake accounts to meet people on dating sites to get personal information from such vulnerable people and use it for selfish interests. It is pertinent to know some data to keep off such people so you won’t fall victim to scams.

The following information should never be shared with anyone on the Facebook dating site, no matter the closeness you think you share with such a person.

1. Never share your full name with anyone you meet on the Facebook dating site:

Scammers are the most manipulative people; they devise several means to get your personal information so they can use it to convince you that you have a problem by mentioning your full name and convincing you to send money to them to fix any of such situations.

2. Never share your financial information:

No matter how much they convince you to know your net worth, desist from such temptations; they want to know how much you have so they can learn how much to defraud you.

3. Never share your card number:

With your card number, scammers can withdraw money from your account without your consent, so desist from the urge to send such information out.

4. Never share your email address:

Scammers send unsolicited emails; they can access your device when you click on such emails. Do not take conversations from Facebook dating sites to emails.

5. Never share your home address:

If someone insists on knowing your home address, be suspicious of such a person, people can disguise under the umbrella of being interested in you to have access to such information and even rob you.

6. Never share information about your place of work:

For a person you met online asking you such information, you should be suspicious of such a person.


The Facebook dating site is a place to meet and interact with new people, but with many advantages, everything comes with many reasons to be cautious. Be careful about the information you share with people you meet on dating sites.

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