Why Your Facebook May Not Be Working 

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Why Your Facebook May Not Be Working – There are several reasons your Facebook account may not be working, but one can diversify it into two main reasons:

1 Technical issue From Facebook itself:

* Facebook server may be down – when this happens, there is little you as a user can do from your end to rectify the problem. You can relax and wait till the Facebook server starts working. If the server is back on and you are sure that Facebook is working for other users but not for you, you can take these steps to get your Facebook account Working again.

Steps to Get Your Facebook Account Working From Technical Hinge

  • Close and reopen the app again: 

You will need to close the Facebook app, reboot your phone or computer, as the case may be, and then reopen the app.

  • Update Your Facebook:

When the Facebook server is down, the programmers try out new features to add to the existing features to improve the Facebook experience, so it will be in your best interest to update your Facebook app.

  • Reboot Your device:

Rebooting or restarting your phone will refresh your device and aid your apps to reboot, so ensure you reboot your phone.

  • Check Your internet connection:

You may have run out of data, which could be why your Facebook is not working; ensure you check if your Wi-Fi or data connection is running.

  • Clear Facebook Cache:

Some files that have been saved on your Facebook from the app programmers may be contending for space; go to settings and clear up your cache. Note there is no harm in clearing it up.

2. Issues from Facebook user 

Your Facebook account may not be working because you might have failed to do something right from your end, or you must have unknowingly posted something that resulted in your account getting disabled by Facebook.

How To Know if Your Account Has Been Disabled

* It will be written boldly, “Your Account is Disabled “, when you try to log in.

Your account can only be deactivated if you have posted the content that goes against Facebook community standards, using a fake user account, trying to be someone else, using a fake name, or trying to harass someone who reports you to Facebook.

What You can do

If you feel your account has been disabled by mistake, you can request a review from Facebook by following the instructions that will be written on your screen.


How do I unblock my Facebook account?

Suppose your Facebook account is not working because Facebook has blocked it. In that case, you can write a review to Facebook and provide proof that the account is yours because the blocking of an account is primarily because of reports from Facebook users. You can only do something other than wait for Facebook to go through your request, which may take weeks before they reply.

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